Material Testing Equipment

Compression Testing Machine

Compression Testing Machines is used for testing various materials. Different versions of this testing machines are available with us are Analogue, digital and computerized. We manufacture and export compression testing machines to our customers at competitive price. These testing machines are used our clients in wide range and provide excellent performance. These machines are heavy in weight and easy for operation.

Corrosion Test Apparatus

This Corrosion Test Apparatus works very fast and provide outstanding performance. These apparatus are user friendly and available as per client’s specifications. These apparatus are easy to use and can be moved from one place to another. These products are manufactured and exported to our valuable clients at reasonable price.

Hot Air Oven

Hot Air Oven is specially designed to meet the true requirements of the clients. Theses oven leaves heats for killing infected bacteria. These air ovens are digitally controlled and temperature can be adjusted. These air oven can be use to bake or heat up the things quickly. These ovens are completely made of advance technology and provide long life services. These air ovens are easy to operate and provide uniform performance. These ovens are available to our clients at cost effective pricing.


Model Chamber Size (in inch.) Power Load Size in mm
Se Hao 01/02 12"xl2"xl2", Approx. 1KW 300x300x300
Se Hao 01 a /02 a 14"x 14"x 14", Approx. 1KW 350x 350x 350
Se Hao 01b/02b 18"x 18"x 18", Approx. 1.5KW. 450x450x450  
Se Hao 01c/02c 24"x24"x24", Approx. 2.5KW 605x605x605

Humidity Stability Test Chamber

The Humidity Stability Test Chamber is designed in different ways in accordance with customers as per the need of our customers. The Chambers are medium in size and have a good tendency to oppose against rust. These chambers are specifically used to sustain the humidity stuffs of the objects that are kept in it. These test chambers are safe to use and provides digital output. These test chambers are manufactured to our clients at competitive price.

Laboratory Hot Plates Or Heat Plates

The Laboratory Hot Plates or Heat Plates are fabricated form superior quality materials and extensively used by our clients. These are easy to handle and consumes less power supply. These heat plates take less maintenance and can be move anywhere easily. These heat plates provide very work very fast without any defect. These heat plates are manufactured and exported to our clients at reasonable pricing.



  • Top with Cast Iron Plate,

  • Tumbler Switch or Energy Regulator.



Chamber size (in Inch)

Power (Load)

Se Lhp 01


1.0 kw

Se Lhp 001a


1.5 kw

Se Lhp 01b


2.0 kw

Se Lhp 01c


3.0 kw

Se Lhp 02

Round 7.5 dia

1.0 kw

For continuous heating upto 350°C. The body is specially disigned & painted with attractive powder coated paint with insulated elements & Heavy duty Cast Iron Top / M.S.Top, To work on 220/230 volts A.C. with Thermostat / Digital Temp. Controller for temperature control .

1aHot Plate Cast Iron Top 12" X 18" x6" with Thermostat for Temp. Control-

1b.  Hot Plate M.S. Top 12" X 18" x6" with Thermostat for Temp. Control-

2a. Hot Plate Cast Iron Top 18" X 24" x6" with Thermostat for Temp. Control -.

2b. Hot Plate M.S. Top 18" X 24" x6" with Thermostat for Temp. Control -.


Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber is formulated is sourced from our trusted venders from the market and which are widely used by various clients. These apparatus are available from us in different sizes and which can be modified in accordance with client’s requirements. These apparatus are designed as per international quality standards and exported all across the world. These apparatus can be availed at normal price by the clients.

Spring Testing Machine

The Spring Testing Machine is easy in installing and flexible to carry high load. These testing machines are identified for their silent features like rust free, efficient and long lasting service. These testing machines are heavy in weight and can be moved easily from one place to another. This testing machine can be adjusted as per client’s requirements and very easy to maintenance. These machines are exported to our customers at competitive price.

Tensile Testing Machine

The Tensile Testing Machine are used for testing various materials like rubber, wood, plywood, plastic, rexine, ceramics, Teflon, cardboard, latex, composites etc. These machines are comfortable in installing and digital output can be viewed. These testing machines can be manufactured and wholesaled to our clients at reasonable price. This machine has AC or DC drive motor which helps in providing the work faster.

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